Cardigan Bay Rock 'n' Rollers

Summer is finally here...

Thanks to copious amounts of Free Beer (on stage in the form of the band as opposed to down the throats of the dancers ;o) our April dance went down a storm. Thanks to everyone who came for adding to the great atmosphere. You'll be pleased to hear that Free Beer will be back on the last Saturday in November for our Christmas dance!

Talking of seasonal festivities, summer appears to be here at last, and following next month's live event featuring the ever-popular Just Deuce we will be turning our thoughts to the Midsummer Prom. This year we will are inviting back Life at the Pines, who last year went down extremely well. We will also be reintroducing free ice cream to keep all of the dancers cool.


We got a couple of photos from the last gig [CLICK HERE] but we'd love to get more on the site wherever possible. If you take pictures we'd love to see them and make them available for the world to see.

You can either burn them onto a CD and bring them along to a dance or send them to us using at