Cardigan Bay Rock 'n' Rollers

It's Summer Prom Time Again!

For those of us who live in the UK we understand the need for celebrating summer. No sooner have the buds exploded on the trees and the dafs been tied back for another year are the leaves going brown and the hedgehogs are getting worried about bonfire night. With the briefness of the British summer in mind it is with a light heart that we welcome back the CBRNR Summer Prom!

Dust off your summer dresses and shirt sleeves, crack open a bottle of ginger beer and get ready for another balmy evening of live entertainment from Life at the Pines. As these lads proudly say on their MySpace page:

""We've got music to play and we're playing it"

While on the BBC web site they describe their music as having:

"...the energy of an atomic bomb combined with the sweetness of a chocolate Hob Nob."

Who can argue with enthusiasm like that? All I can suggest is that you come along and experience this lively trio first hand.