Cardigan Bay Rock 'n' Rollers

Now for something completely different...

The 50s wasn't the only decade in the rock'n'roll era!

Firstly, thanks go to Just Deuce who got the year off to a great start! They got everyone on the dance floor for the first dance of the year in February.

However, now for something a completely different...

It wasn't just the 1950s that had all the great rock'n'roll music. If you remember Mods and Rockers, Mary Quant, Twiggy, Biba and flower power (or even if you don't!) why not come along on Saturday 29th March for our 1960s FUN Record Hop?

Dress up in early, mid or late sixties style - there's a prize for the best dressed couple! Record requests to Brian via this web site.

As well as jiving we'll show you how to do the Mashed Potato, The Twist and the Locomotion!